Tips on Travelling with Kids these Holidays

Travelling at the busiest time of the year can be stressful. Your mind is preoccupied with finishing up your to do list at work, getting the kids their pressies and attending or catering for all those Christmas parties. Having to think about travelling to the in laws for Christmas is always a last minute thing.  So here are some tips to make travelling that little bit easier.

Carry-on Bag. It’s cheaper and it saves you time at the airport. If you are well organised you can almost fit the kitchen sink, as long as you roll clothes and make the most of every inch of space.

Bring an extra bag. Chances are you will receive heaps of gifts from Santa so bring a bag folded up so that you can check in your extra bag on the way back when you have more time and the airports aren’t so chaotic.

Get your gifts sorted. You can’t give your nieces and nephews money, it’s just not the Christmas way. So the best course of action is to send the gifts so they arrive ahead of time. You would have paid for another suitcase on the flight anyway so this ensures you don’t have to worry about damaged goods and waiting to get your oversized luggage.

Digital device for entertainment. Make sure you pack a well charged laptop or tablet to watch your favourite downloaded movie while waiting for your flight. Remember that power points can be few and far between and free Wi-Fi isn’t always available to stream a movie so be prepared. Bring a book or a crossword puzzle just in case.

Bring some healthy food. You can expect long lines at airports as well as the food outlets so make sure you pack some healthy snacks so your kids can chow down while waiting in those long lines.

Keep the important items close by. Something is bound to go wrong when you are travelling. Kids need pain relief to keep a temperature down or your toilet training toddler could have an accident so plastic bags and wipes are a must take item for these situations. Make sure you keep all of these essentials in your carry-on luggage, along with socks, jocks and toiletries.

Travel with the comforts of home. For the long delayed flights it is always good to have a pillow and a small blanket that can be wrapped up and transported easy. If your kids need to sleep, there is always floor space that you can pitch a spot and camp out for the day as long as you have their creature comforts.