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Known for its glamour and shopping, Dubai is a melting pot of cultures with an eye firmly on the future. In less than 50 years, the city has grown to be a hub for trade and tourism, with towering skyscrapers and pristine beaches. It takes pride in its traditional past, which can be seen in the older parts of the city and among the many mosques that dot each community. Running alongside over 60 kms of coastline, with staggering projects such as The World islands and Palm Jumeirah, its growth over the past few decades has been remarkable. Shop inside beautifully decorated malls with every brand imaginable, find an ice rink in the desert or take the fastest elevator to the top of the world’s tallest building. Stroll along stunning new waterfront districts and savour delicious dining from every part of the globe. Enjoy the spicy aromas of souks full of traders or bring the family to a theme park for plenty of fun. Dubai has something to offer everyone, no matter what age or desire.