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Time for a getaway? Look no further than the fabulous hotel accommodation options at Oaks Hotels! Whether you’re travelling for a business trip, a romantic weekend or a family trip somewhere new, your hotel must feel comfy, clean and familiar. This is where you can throw your arms out, your cares to the wind and relax. Oaks Hotels is a perfect choice and includes a range of fabulous amenities such as pools, gyms and dining on-site or nearby. 

Choose to explore your backyard or the world with our wide range of hotel options around the globe. From tropical escapes to city adventures, there is plenty to see and do around Australia. Explore the temperate rainforests of the Northern Territory to the sunny shores of Queensland, with stunning views and sparkling pools you can easily unwind in these wonderful warm locations. Or if you need a quick escape, discover the cultural and fashion capital that is Melbourne, with so many activities and food precincts - there is plenty to explore.

Take a trip over the pond and explore the lush landscapes and picturesque coastlines of New Zealand. Or breathe the scent of spices as you stroll through the stunning cities of the United Arab Emirates and discover a wealth of opportunities as you discover the vibrant hub that is Qatar.

Discover our range of hotel locations and book your next getaway today!


Oaks offers a range of fabulous hotels throughout Australia. Take a look now and find the perfect place to call your home away from home.

New Zealand

A unique travel destination filled with rich history and stunning scenery

United Arab Emirates

Breathe in the scent of spices as you walk through hidden passages, haggle over gold in world-famous souks or take a short hop to the beach


Oaks offers the perfect hotel for you to lay your head in Qatar so that you’ll always feel at home no matter where you are.


China has something for everyone, whether in search of natural, cultural, historical or foodie adventures.