e-Gift Card Terms and Conditions

1. E-Gift Cards are non-refundable.

2. E-Gift Cards can only be redeemed through the reservations team on 13 62 57 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm AEST.

3. E-Gift Cards are non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the recipient indicated on the e-Gift Card.

4. E-Gift Cards can be used towards accommodation at Oaks, and bookings must be made 48 hours in advance by calling our reservations team on 13 62 57.

5. Any redemption made for a hotel or resort in a different currency than that noted on the e-Gift Card will be converted into the local currency when you make the booking.

6. E-Gift Cards have a rolling balance and may be used for multiple transactions. However it cannot be redeemed on multiple properties in one transaction, and no change will be given on any unused amount.

7. When redeeming an E-Gift Card, any additional costs must be paid in full at time of booking. There will be no pay-on-arrival option.

8. E-Gift Cards may be combined with other forms of payment. Charges in excess of the e-Gift Card’s value may be paid by credit card.

9. E-Gift Cards are not exchangeable for cash and have no value unless redeemed.

10. Should an e-Gift Card be lost please call us on 13 62 57 with the eGift Card information, and we will assist in reissuing the gift card.

11. The e-Gift Card must be redeemed by the expiry date. Expiry dates are final and no further discussion will be entered into. Expiry date is not the travel expiry date however.

12. E-Gift Card expires 3 years from date of purchase.

13. E-Gift Cards cannot be sold, they are not transferable, and cannot be scalped, auctioned, raffled, pledged or promoted as an incentive or reward by any third party as an inducement for any person or other entity to enter into any commercial or other arrangements with that third party. If an e-Gift Card is obtained through any of these methods, it will not be honoured and will be deemed invalid.

14. Redemption of an e-Gift Card is subject to availability at the time of booking as with any standard hotel booking.

15. Once the booking is made no changes or cancellations are allowed. There will be no refunds.

16. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have adequate travel insurance policies, Oaks Hotels & Resorts are in no way liable.

17. Oaks Hotels & Resorts Management reserve the right to amend these terms & conditions from time to time without prior notice. Any amendment will be effective immediately.