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As Australians settle into 2019, goals are being set for the New Year, and without a doubt, ‘work less; travel more’ is at the top of many lists. From the most sought-after destinations to how long travelers are spending away, here’s our top trends for 2019 and why you should jump on them.

Booking lead-times will extend

Typically, a strong percentage of rooms are booked within a last-minute window. That is, anywhere from 24 hours to a few weeks prior to check-in. However recent booking patterns are showing that travelers are planning their stays further in advance, even if only slightly.

While last-minute deals are popular in the world of travel, those interested in travelling in the months ahead should look closely at the travel dates included in the terms and conditions of a sale. Often these dates can extend for months beyond the actual sale period, securing you a bargain now to enjoy later.

Mini-breaks will remain popular

The average length of stay is expected to hold strong in 2019 at two nights plus, which is consistent with the travel habits of Oaks’ guests in 2018. With some key public holidays making a long weekend or four-day trip much easier to sneak in, we expect to see the popularity of these mini-breaks continue.

There are definite advantages for travelers to book two nights’ accommodation or more, with discounts often available on multi-night stays. With ‘stay longer and save’ offers set to continue this year, this trend is sure to stick around.

Travelers will flock to Queensland’s coast

While city properties are predicted to continue to top our most popular destinations in 2019, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, we’re tipping our key coastal locations will give them a run for their money, and Queensland will lead the charge.

Stats from Tourism & Events Queensland show that 22.5 million domestic visitors headed to the Sunshine State in the year ended June 2018. With thousands of kilometres of beaches to sink your toes into, and attractions to suit every traveler within reach, its little wonder why Queensland’s coastline is so popular.

With 13 hotels and resorts in cities and towns along Queensland’s coast, from Port Douglas in the north to Coolangatta on the southern border, Oaks has your accommodation options sorted. Settle into a fully self-contained, apartment-style room, then head out and explore your nearest stretch of beach.

Families will be making more memories

When it comes to who will be travelling in 2019, it’s the families who are set to snap up most of the rooms across Oaks’ resorts, with family bookings on the rise. While travelers of all types book with Oaks, the spacious and fully self-contained apartment-style accommodation that Oaks is known for is a hit with families.

With enough space to spread out and the option to prepare meals in-house in a full kitchen, families are taking advantage of the home-away-from-home feeling to enjoy a comfortable stay and save on costs. Plus, Oaks resorts are in ideal locations to explore the local area, helping to keep the kids entertained and burn off that holiday energy.

Mixing business and leisure

Leisure travel will continue its growth in popularity in 2019, as business travelers choose to book-end their corporate travel commitments with a day or two of leisure. A recent report from Expedia found that 60 percent of business-related trips also incorporated an element of leisure travel. While not a new concept, this trend is expected to continue its popularity.

Travelling for work? Maximise your opportunities for leisure travel by choosing a central city base and exploring the culinary, cultural and adventure experiences surrounding it. Oaks have 24 hotels across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Darwin so you can make the most of your leisure opportunities.