Uniquely Australian Travel You Need to Experience in 2021

Australia truly does have some of the best travel experiences the world has to offer. Below are three of our favourite bucket list items that should be firmly on your 2021 travel bucket list:


▼ 1. Swim with Turtles, Dolphins and Tropical Fish


Stay at our brand new hotel Oaks Cairns Hotels and enjoy quick access to memorable experiences at the Great Barrier Reef.


Your Great Barrier Reef cruise liner traverses the tropical waters of Far North Queensland, as you sit alongside a boat full of eager and excited travellers for their World Heritage Listed snorkelling experience.

You gaze into the clear blue waters, trying to spot the coral beneath, as you stand at the edge of the boat ready to take the plunge.

You take a breath and jump into the warm tropical waters of Far North Queensland, to be utterly amazed at the vast underwater world below you. This 348,700 km² stretch of reef is uniquely Australian and so too is the diverse marine ecosystem you are exploring, including fish, sea turtles, manta rays and dolphins to name a few.

Once you have finished snorkelling, you lay on the deck of the cruise liner as it makes its way back to Cairns. You are staying at the brand new Oaks Cairns Hotel and are dreaming of the sunset cocktails that await you at the rooftop Oak & Vine rooftop bar, with panoramic views across the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon and Coral Sea.

If only holidays could last forever…



▼ 2. Watch Kangaroos Feeding on the Beach at Dawn

Your stay at Oaks Mackay Rivermarque Hotels offers you close proximity to the Mackay’s Cape Hillsborough Beach, and, views of the resident kangaroos and wallabies on the shore.


Dawn is breaking upon Mackay’s Cape Hillsborough Beach, and the resident ‘roos and wallabies are making their way to the shore for their breakfast of seaweed and mangrove seed pods which have washed up from the overnight tides. The sky is filled with the most spectacular hues of orange and pink as the tide laps gently at the golden sand.

You are staying at Oaks Mackay Rivermarque Hotel, located on Mackay’s Pioneer River and rose before the sun for this unique experience. As the last of the night air lingers, you do not feel cold, as you are mesmerised by this quintessentially Australian scene.

Once you have filled your camera roll with some of the most exquisite travel snaps imaginable, you are back in the car to Oaks Mackay Rivermarque Hotel for a warm breakfast.

You will never forget the scenes you witnessed this morning…


▼ 3. Gourmet Gallivanting in the Adelaide Hills


The drive from Oaks Adelaide Embassy Suites in Adelaide’s CBD is only 25 minutes, and you already feel so far removed from the hustle and bustle of Adelaide city. You gaze out the window at green pastures, quaint vineyards brimming with grapes ripe for harvest, and a diverse array of cellar doors scattered throughout the rugged region.

You make a stop in the town of Hahndorf, Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement, built by Prussian settlers in 1839. The traditional German streetscape feels as though you have been transported to a small town in Germany. You wander through the tree-lined street is filled with bakeries, cheese makers, leather smiths, a chocolatier and German-style.

While you could wander through Hahndorf all day, you have wineries to explore, so it’s back in the car to your favourite cellar door, Sidewood Estate. Once there, you lounge in the new outdoor cabanas as you graze a charcuterie board and sample the finest breads, olives and cured meats.

The hardest part of the day is deciding whether you should select the bold and full-bodied Shiraz, the bright and crisp Tempranillo Rose, or perhaps the rich, smooth Pinot Gris to pair with your world-class long lunch.

Or better still, why not try all three…