Unforgettable experiences in the Hunter Valley

Travelling in the 21st century is more to do with unforgettable experiences and less to do with ‘seeing the sights’ so bypass the typical tourist traps and regular haunts of the Hunter Valley and dive right into the action with these four fun-filled experiences ideal for all ages!


Candy-Making Classes

Now what’s not to love about this sticky class? Learn how to create alcohol-infused candy at the Hunter Valley Resort's 90-minute Big Kids Candy cooking classes. Working alongside one of the resort's executive chefs, you will make peanut brittle, marshmallows and rocky road chocolate. For more info see www.hunterresort.com.au

Horse-Riding Adventure

Experience nature up close as you travel on horse-back through the scenic valleys and mountains of the 2,600-hectare property which has been owned by the Chapman family for more than 170 years. They offer rides for people of all experience levels and hold private or group tours with rides ranging from 1 hour to a full day in the saddle exploring this incredible countryside. Read more about it here https://www.chapmanvalleyhorseriding.com/


Grape Stomping and Barrel Rolling

Learn about the history of the Hunter Valley wine region, Australia’s oldest wine producers,  be schooled by the Cellar Master in the art of wine making and jump right on in to stomp your very own grapes and experience this age old tradition for yourself or get a group together to try your skills at barrel rolling. It looks easier than it is! Read more about the 60 minute classes at www.hunterresort.com.au


Hot Air Ballooning

If you’ve never been hot air ballooning, you cannot beat a glorious sunrise or sunset hot air balloon ride over the Hunter Valley. Watch the resident roo’s hop across the dewy green meadows, enjoy panoramic views of the stunning vineyards, Brokeback Mountain ranges and valleys. Balloons Aloft take bookings direct from Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort. http://www.balloonaloft.net/