Oaks Sure Stay Program

Oaks understands that as guests return to travel for leisure and business, hotel safety and cleanliness is at the forefront of travellers’ minds. The Oaks SureStay program builds on already impeccably high standards of cleanliness to deliver a hospital grade standard of sanitation throughout guest rooms, common areas and food & beverage venues, allowing guests to relax with the peace of mind that their health and safety has been looked after.

Oaks SureStay program utilises the highest grade of infection control policies and procedures developed in line with Australian owned and made chemical manufacturer True Blue.

The entire guest experience has been reconsidered, with COVID-safe regulations in place and visible to guests throughout the entire customer journey. All operational processes including those relating to cleaning procedures and the utilisation of common spaces throughout the hotels have been reviewed, to ensure the safety of guests and team members is assured.

The chemical selection post COVID-19 has been raised from ‘commercial grade’ to ‘hospital grade’ and includes having a range of suitable disinfectants, cleaners and cleaning tools for use as part of our rigorous daily operations to ensure high cleaning standards and protection against any COVID-19 virus outbreak.

Oaks SureStay program guarantees a deep clean of the top ten high touch areas in guest rooms, in addition to our already stringent cleaning policies. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. All handles, doorknobs, wardrobes, drawers and cabinetry
  2. Light and electrical switches
  3. Temperature control panels
  4. Remote controls – TV, Radio, Air Conditioning
  5. Telephones & Intercoms
  6. Bathroom – Vanity, toilet flushes and seats, bath & shower tap ware
  7. Irons and safe keypad/handle
  8. Bathroom amenities – Hair dryer, amenity trays, tissue boxes
  9. Kitchen – Cutlery, glassware, kettle, fridge and oven handle
  10. Hard surfaces – Tabletops, desks

Further, we are implementing a sanitisation fogging system, which involves spraying a long-lasting antimicrobial barrier on surfaces that actively destroys and prevents the spread of a wide range of viruses, moulds, mildew, fungus, algae and bacteria.

Oaks SureStay program also guarantees the double clean of showers, baths and toilets with both commercial and hospital grade disinfectant. Each individual room is also cleaned with a separate set of colour coded Microfibre cloths to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Guests will also note that in order to remove the opportunity for COVID-19 to spread on shared objects, in-room stationary including notebooks and pens will now be available at reception on request.

Guests can rest assured that this deep clean has taken place with a customised hygiene seal to be placed on each room once the clean has been completed.

ATP testing will also be carried out periodically to ensure that levels of residual matter are at a lower than acceptable level.

Oaks SureStay program ensures common areas as well as the back-of-house, are frequently and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with our commercial and hospital grade products on an hourly basis during peak times, paying special attention to high touch-point areas, such as door handles, switches, counters etc.

Protective sheeting is fitted over all lift buttons to allow for effective cleaning of this high-touch point area, while hand sanitiser will be available to all at reception.

Social distancing regulations are in place throughout hotel common areas utilising social distancing indicators. Customers will also note that seating in the hotel lobby has been removed to reduce the opportunity for COVID-19 to spread on shared objects.

Guests can be assured that hotel facilities will continue to be safe and comfortable shared spaces. The following COVID-safe regulations have been implemented:

  • Social distancing regulations are in place and there will be limits to the number of guests using hotel facilities at one time.
  • Hotel facilities are cleaned and sanitised at an increased frequency, to a hospital grade standard. .
  • Guests must not share gym equipment until they have been thoroughly wiped down and sanitised after use.
  • Sanitation wipes and hand sanitiser is available.
  • Please note that in the interest of health and safety, certain facilities may undergo temporary closures and guests are advised to speak with a hotel representative for an updated status of these facilities.

Our food and beverage outlets have always maintained high levels of cleanliness and will continue to do so, whilst ensuring that modifications are made to food preparation and service to allow for extra precautions to be taken.

In partnership with our F&B chemical partner, True Blue, we will be ensuring that all front of house, high use surfaces will be cleaned at an increased frequency rate.

Further, Oaks SureStay program guarantees a deep clean of the top ten high touch areas in our F&B areas in addition to our already stringent cleaning policies. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Handrails on stairs and escalators
  2. Shared door handles and door panels (including bathroom doors);
  3. Elevator buttons (inside and outside);
  4. EFTPOS machines;
  5. POS machines;
  6. Post mix guns;
  7. Self-serve soft drink dispensers;
  8. Self-serve or automatic coffee machines;
  9. Straw dispensers;
  10. Menu cards or table menu stands

Yes, we will be increasing our cleaning and sanitisation procedures in all back of house areas to a minimum of every two hours, in combination with an increase in controls with our stock management, ensuring any item on the premises has been sprayed with sanitiser prior to being placed into cold or stock storage.

As a standard, the highest levels of hand hygiene will continue to be used across all our food and beverage preparations and service.

The guest experience within our food & beverage venues has been reconsidered with COVID-safe regulations in place. Changes to the guest experience includes:

  • The introduction of digital menus which are accessed via QR code
  • One-off consumables such as salt, pepper, sugar, napkins etc. available upon request only
  • Social distancing regulations in place throughout each venue
  • All foods at ordering points in cafes are wrapped and pre-packaged
  • Buffet programs have been overhauled to consider individually wrapped options and to be strictly supervised by team members
  • Hand sanitiser available at all venues
  • Communal newspapers, books, toys etc. have been removed

Oaks is looking forward to hosting your next meeting or event and offering you and your guests the peace of mind that your health and safety has been looked after. The following COVID-safe regulations will be implemented:

  • Social distancing is given paramount consideration, with tables set up in accordance with COVID-safe guidelines.
  • Meeting and event spaces are cleaned and sanitised at an increased frequency to the most stringent standards
  • Boxed meals are available as an F&B option rather than shared buffet style meals